Agfa Green Film 35×43

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AGFA GREEN Ortho CP-G Plus 35x43 cm

Agfa's CP-G Plus is a green-sensitive universal film with a high contrast, low fog and low noise level, enabling quick reading of all necessary information.
CP-G Plus is a general X-ray film designed for use with green emitting intensifying screens. The system speed of this film has been adapted for specific applications, according to the international guidelines. The toe of the characteristic curve has a form which ensures a high contrast in the low densities of the image. This permits the use of CP-G Plus film in applications such as angiography, where it gives sharp and detailed images of even the smallest blood vessels as well as of bone structures.

Can be used with following products and services
Agfa developer and fixer processing solutions are recommended.

Suitable for following market segments
CP-G Plus film has been designed for standard RP processing

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